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Quote Post – The Power of Habit

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We are what we repeatedly do

Today we will look at our habits. They are the ones that, in the main, influence our success in life and career. Some of our habits strongly support us, while others limit our development.

The key to achieving our dream goals is to understand which habits serve us and which ones harm us, and to change them.

For many years, research into the mechanisms behind habits has helped people to achieve their life goals and businesses to reach customers, plan effective promotional activities and improve business operations. Small changes and the formation of new habits result in spectacular successes.

It’s time to rank them and see which ones we want to change or strengthen.

Below in the table, list all your habits, i.e. regular activities that in your opinion hinder and help you achieve success.

Just knowing that they exist will give you a good starting point in terms of planning further actions and achieving your goals.

Good luck!