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Values are not just words, values are what we live by

Values are a reflection of who we are, what is important to us, what we want to build our lives from. They are the ones that most strongly influence our behaviour and decisions. They can be a signpost and a guide as to which direction to take. Values help us stay on the right course. They are something that makes us act in this way and not another. They determine the way we think and act. A value system just like a set of talents is very individual and personal in nature.

Values are neither moral norms nor rules to be followed. They are not something we do or even something we have. There are declared values and real values. Before you do the exercise – remember to be honest with yourself. What you would like and what you do are know different things. Often we ourselves do not know what is really important to us, hence the lack of a hierarchy of values.

Values are a source of internal motivation.

Values determine who we are, how we treat ourselves and others, and our choices in life. Knowing them can help set our direction in life and achieve our goals more effectively. Following them gives us strength, a sense of fulfilment and meaning. The hierarchy of values tells us what choices to make, what path to follow, what people to build relationships with, what to engage time and energy in. All our goals and dreams are just tools to realize our values. Values are a source of internal motivation.

Stay true to your values. That’s why you were a success in the first place, and that’s how you make incredible things happen.

Rafe Offer

Values are like a compass that indicates which path is best for us, which path you will follow and feel that you are acting in accordance with yourself!

Find examples from your professional or private life when you felt the greatest “flow,” when you felt happy, when you found it easy to make decisions, felt fulfillment. Write down your examples. 

Try not to become a man of success. Rather become a man of value

Values are principles or beliefs that guide and influence our attitudes, choices, and behaviour. They represent what is important to us and serve as a framework for making decisions in various aspects of our lives. Values can be influenced by factors such as culture, family, education, personal experiences, and societal norms. Here are some key aspects of values and how they help us stay on the right course:

What are you like?

What needs to arise from your talents?

What things do you expect from yourself, from life, from others?

What are the fundamental values resulting from the wheel of life?

What is currently a priority for you?

What does this value mean to you? What is its definition?

What is really important to you in this value?

To what extent is it important to you? How prominent is it in your life?

How do you realize this value in your life?


There are declared values and actual values.

Do an exercise!

Plan 30–60 minutes of free time to do this exercise quietly, without rushing. Underneath you will find a list of values. Read it carefully and choose from this list the method of elimination of the 10 most important values for you. Choose those things that are closest to you. Reserve for this exercise exactly as much time as you need. Take your time – calmly consider what to choose. This choice will be of great importance to you later, so choose slowly. Write down your chosen values on a piece of paper.

Let’s do it!